Andy Cooper is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and a competitor in the European Drift Championships and Ulster Drifting Championships. He currently uses a 430bhp Nissan 200SX S14a to compete in and has also performed drift demos at local and national car shows.

For the uninitiated, drifting is a motorsport in which cars are judged on how fast and sideways they can be through a corner using rear wheel drive cars.   The exciting part of the competition is when two cars are drifting side by side and is a great spectator sport.  It’s high horsepower, high adrenaline and becoming very popular all over the world (think Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift)

Andy is a previous Prodrift Pro licence holder and instructor for the Prodrift Academy in Northern Ireland and is now one of eight invite only drivers in the European Drift Championship.  He also runs the hugely successful Northern Ireland car enthusiast website,
The team at Brands Hatch, June 2010

The Team at Brands Hatch Circuit, June 2010

If you are interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities or wish to enquire about a live action show, contact Andy here.

Watch Andy’s 2012 Video: